Covenant Partners Receive:

  • Option 1: $30 each month
  • Option 2: $300 enrollment for 1 year membership. (Save $60)

Enrollment in PartnerConnect PLUS the benefits below:

1. Welcome letter
2. Treasury of Hymns CD
3. Dove and Globe Necklace
4. 5 free Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online courses of your choice (5 free courses total, not 5/month)
5. 50% off all Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online courses (includes future courses)
6. 20% off all ministry products from
7. Partner identification Card (downloadable)
8. Special invitations to select ministry events
9. 1 free digital download from from
10. Covenant Partner Certificate of Recognition (downloadable)

IMPORTANT: This is a monthly subscription, but you may cancel at any time.